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You as a business owner have limited resources but that does not mean you can not put the right practices and technologies in place to protect your business. Large Security Consulting companies cost a lot of money to engage. Smaller ones are hard to find and even if you find them most of the time the expertise is not there. Cyber Consulting and Security can help you plan, respond and recover from a security incident and teach you how to continue to secure your business. My name is Mitch Christian and security has been a part of what I do for most of my career. I spent 13 years in the physical security field doing a multitude of tasks, planning and leading a team. I have set up surveillance equipment, planned and ran security operations for protection of celebrities,  responded to major events (plan crashes during airshows) and ran a special operations group which worked directly with local and federal authorities. That interest carried over to Information Security. In 2014 I became certified in Information Security (CISSP which stands for Certified Information Systems Security Professional) which is the current gold standard for Information Security. Today I see the combination of both of those disciplines growing closer and closer and that is what you need as a business owner. I see business owners such as yourself not knowing who to turn to or how to filter all of the noise about security today. I have seen a very large void. Most security professionals are immediately snapped up by the large companies. Schools are just beginning to teach security practices and the difference between talent available and what is needed continues to grow apart. That is where I fit in. I am one of very few Information Security Professionals helping small to medium sized businesses out. I design a framework that is easy to understand and implement and it is all based on ISO27000(This is an international guideline on how to do Information Security and what my certification is based on.) I make sure security is understood and what the true risks are to your business. You can make the decision of what risks you are preparing for and where to put your resources. I do not see my clients as just another business. I see them as their own entity. I take an interest in what they are doing. I put myself in the owners place and help businesses understand what the true risks are. I am your partner and not just another vendor. Together we can make a difference. I am securing businesses with the care and compassion it takes to be successful for both of us.
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