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Information Security is in the news what seems like every day. Large scale breaches on big companies and stolen credentials are an all to common of a theme. Most businesses dont even know where they should start especially if they do not have a security expert on staff or as their vendor. Many companies leave it to their IT people they have but with threats changing on a daily basis it takes expertise in the security arena to do things right. Cyber Consulting and Security can help with: Security Analysis Upgrading current equipment Malware and virus removal as well as data recovery if needed Verifcation of backup software and recovery Construction of security policies and plans Social Networking prevention Wireless security Building a security infrastructure Incident response including contact of Federal Authorities Investigation of cyber crimes Cyber Consulting and Security can help you with all aspects of your IT security needs as well as your physical security needs. A unique blend of over two decades in the IT and security industry and large scale managment for systems gives you the peice of mind it will be done right. Security is critical to maintaining a system and identifying breaches so you can continue to grow your business.
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